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May Apple

May Apple

Botanical Name

Podophyllum peltatum


Usual Origin(s)



May Apple, also known as American mandrake, Indian apple and mayapple, is a member of the barberry family that inhabits the woodlands of eastern North America. It is classified as a spring emphemeral, which means that it emerges in early spring and undergoes a furious growth cycle but dies back to the ground when most other forest plants are reaching maturity in mid-summer.Although all parts of the plant are toxic, Native Americans and early American settlers boiled the root to make topical infusions.


Folk Names

American Mandrake, Duck's Foot, Hog Apple, Mandrake, Raccoon Berry, Wild Lemon














Magical Uses

American mandrake, or may apple, is generally used as a substitute for the European (true) mandrake. The may apple is not related to the true mandrake. 


Not meant for internal use, DO NOT INGEST; TOXIC! 


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