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Susan Gardener, KY

In the year before I started this course, I had only recently realized that I was a witch, but had very little practical knowledge of how to use my magic. Being a solitary, I had no coven to learn with/from, and resigned myself to picking over Internet and book information.

I had been a customer of Ally's for a while, and I knew her to be an honest, knowledgeable, and experienced practitioner. When she posted about the Year and a Day class, I decided to step outside of my introverted little comfort zone, and signed up.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Although I was not specifically interested in Wicca as a religious path, I realized that it had a lot to teach as far as general witchcraft knowledge–tools, rituals, correspondences, herbs, crystals, deities, divination, altars, etc. If you're coming in with zero knowledge, this course will absolutely set you up with a strong foundation. I came in with some understanding, but this course helped me fill in the blanks and fit the pieces together. Although everyone's path and style of practice are different, knowing these basics (and the reasons behind them) can add extra power and structure to your workings.

Ally and Roxy are kind, patient instructors–ready, willing, and able to answer any and all questions. They would offer suggestions for alternatives to missing ingredients, and offered a lot of extra information (besides what is found in the book). I feel that even more important than the knowledge I've gained is the fact that I can call these two amazing women my friends. ❤️

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