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Tumbled Rainbow Moonstone

Tumbled Rainbow Moonstone

These are beautiful tumbled pieces of Rainbow Moonstone.


Their metaphysical correspondences: 


Zodiac: Cancer, Gemini, Libra, Pisces, Scorpio

Solar System: Moon

Full Moons: August, February, January, June

Season: Winter

Day: Monday

Celebration: Ostara

Element: Water

Energy: Yin

Directions: North, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, West

Chakras: Heart, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Throat

Numbers: 2, 4, 7

Goddesses: Arianrhod, Diana, Hecate, Isis, Luna, Rhiannon, Selene

Tarot: High Priestess, Moon

Issues, Intentions, & Powers:  accomplishment, affection, the afterlife, agriculture, awareness, calm, clairvoyance, communication, compassion, emotional connections, creativity, cycles, death, destiny, divination, dream work, emotions, enchantment, friendship, guidance, happiness, harmony, healing, hope, intuition, knowledge, light, love (attract, open to), loyalty, luck, magic (angel, moon, night), the mind( unite mind, body, spirit), mood, passion, power (occult), pregnancy/childbirth, problems, protection (travel), psychic ability, reconciliation, release, self-work, sensitivity, sleep, spirits (contact), stress, support, travel, wisdom, youth 


Please note that these are natural stone and therefore may have inclusions. Each piece is unique and may not reflect identically what is shown in the display photo. 

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